Ben Telford Visuals was founded in February of 2017, beginning as a small-scale production company focusing on music videos for artists in the Ottawa area. In the 6+ years since then, we have gone on to produce commercials, short films, and documentaries for artists and businesses across Canada and internationally. These projects currently amass a total of over 10 million views, across YouTube, TV, and social media. By coming to us for your video production needs, not only will you get access to unmatched expertise and equipment, you will also receive services from people who share a genuine love for their craft.
Ben Telford Visuals is owned and operated by Ben Telford. His love for cinematic storytelling began at 8-years-old, and has constantly evolved in the years since. Ben personally oversees the production of all projects, to ensure that every video meets our strict set of expectations. To achieve this, the majority of all pre-production, production, and post-production is handled in-house. This allows us to build a healthy working relationship with our clients, allowing them to be involved every step of the way, unlike most production companies. Our favorite part of video production is telling a story. Whether it be through promoting a product, exhibiting an art form, or capturing a special event, rest assured that we have you covered.
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